Flying Dog University

Learning more about craft beer production, ingredients, accompaniments and culture is something I am very passionate about. As such when I cam across Flying Dog University I knew I had to attend and I was not wrong it was awesome! So I decided I had to get a video about Flying Dog University out there to show why this is something amazing and should be celebrated and attended by as many people as possible.

In this video I talk to Justin Tarnow from Flying Dog who is very heavily involved in setting the curriculum about how Flying Dog University came about, what it involves and some of the brilliant extra credit courses.

If you love Flying Dog then why not get a glass to show your appreciation? Check out the link below for a Flying Dog drinking glass with some art from Ralph Steadman, or a bottle opener.

Flying Dog Drinking Glass
Flying Dog Good Beer Speed Bottle Opener

If you want to learn more about how to brew then I can’t recommend the latest edition of ‘How to brew’ from John Palmer. This latest edition comes with 5 new chapters not present in other editions and all chapters have been revised. It really is the go to book for learning how to brew.

How To Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time

Don’t forget to use the code ‘CRAFTBEERADVOCATE’ at check out from Grog Tag to get a 10% discount at checkout on some excellent fully customisable and reusable labels for your homebrew.GrogTag


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