Abbey Ale – Homebrewing

Here is my new post about craft beer, in particular Belgian blonde/trippels. It is a run through of how I made my Abbey Ale including the full recipe for extract and all grain brewing. I mainly took inspiration from the following book Brew Like a Monk: Trappist, Abbey, and Strong Belgian Ales and How to Brew Them by Stan Hieronymus.

I followed the extract recipe as I currently don’t have the space to do all grain brewing but it was an extremely fun afternoon of brewing. If you want to do the same this kit from Northern Brewer will allow you to follow my extract recipe and process and it also comes with its own kit for you get familiar with Brew. Share. Enjoy. Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit with Block Party Amber Ale Beer Recipe Kit and Brew Kettle.

Once last thing before you watch the video, if you’re into homebrewing and want to make your brews look more professional then get over to Grogtag and use the discount code CRAFTBEERADVOCATE at checkout to get 10% off your order. They offer fully customisable bottle labels, tap handles and bottle caps and having used them I can honestly say the service is great and the finished product is fantastic.

Here is the video enjoy and let me know what you think.

If you have any comments or just want to get in touch then please use the form below.



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