Getting back into Running

After many years in a self imposed exile from the world of fitness for no reason other than I made all the excuses under the sun I could to avoid it I have started running again. To set the scene I used to be a half marathon runner with a semi decent personal best of 1 hour 41 mins which seems like a mile away, excuse the pun, from where my current level is. My reason for getting back into it is that my beerby is starting to take over my life and it’s not something I am happy with.

I went on my first run on Tuesday this week (11 April 2017) with a colleague from work who was recovering from doing a half marathon on Sunday (9 April 2017) in what I found out to be 32oC (90oF). The first mile was great and then I started to feel the heat sap my strength and at the roughly the 3 mile mark I was done. I could just about walk but the heat had melted me into the pavement and my mind and body were saying no more. What made matters slightly more embarrassing was that my colleague was fine! After running 13.1 miles only 2 days earlier he wasn’t struggling at all, not one iota! This was a rude awakening to me and made me realise that actually despite my brain saying I can easily repeat the feats of my past on no training that this really isn’t going to happen.

So, where does this leave me? I really see 3 options:

  1. Forget about ever running again and just enjoy plenty more beer!
  2. Get out and really commit to start running again and make it a new habit that I follow
  3. Give it a semi committed attempt and just accept that I will never be quick again.

Well option 1 is what I have been doing for a number of years now and led me to this point so it’s not really an option to take which leaves only option 2 or 3. I believe that if you’re going to do something you need to commit to it fully otherwise you’re always going to be left wondering what if and this has led me to take option 2. In terms of goals that I want to achieve I have on my list to first of all get back into running 10K comfortably and then target a sub 60 mins 10K at some point this year. All enthused about my decision and with a strong desire to achieve my goals I bit the bullet this morning and before work I went out and ran the same route as Tuesday and slayed that beast! I went all the way round in sub 9 minutes miles for 4.2 miles. The fastest and longest I have run for a long time. Other than the sense of achievement, which is awesome. I have been left with some tight calves and hamstrings, which is something I always used to suffer from. So if you have any suggestions about how to alleviate this and any tips for old runners getting back into it let me know I would love to hear from you and I will keep you posted from time to time on my progress.

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