Rugby Draft

You are probably all familiar with the world of fantasy football, where you all pick a team of 11 players and 5 subs and them battle against your friends in a league over a season to claim bragging rights until the new season begins. I find that when it gets towards the end of the season we all end up with pretty much the same players and really the league is all decided by the end of February in most cases. Well the draft system is prevalent in the US and it basically works like this:

You enter a league of ~ 10 people and you are assigned a picking positions from 1-10 with 1 being first and 10 being last. During each round you can only select one player. So for example if you are first you might pick Nick Evans of Harlequins then position 2 picks, then 3 and so on and so forth until round 1 is finished, no player can be picked for multiple teams. If it continued like this for the other rounds you would be pretty peeved if you got given one of the later numbers as you would always be picking from a smaller bunch of players. This is where the draft gets interesting, for round 2 the person who picked last now picks first and the person who picked first in round 1 now picks last. This switching continues for each round until all players have picked their squads.

By not being able to pick the same player for multiple teams this makes your teams all unique and offers up plenty of different variables throughout the season and means that everything is on the line until the final game unless you pick a bunch of duds. Points are scored for a number of things including tackles made, metres made, tries, try assists etc. Points are deducted for things like cards received, tackles missed etc.

So here is my team for this season from Rugby Draft

Front Row – Wasps
Lock – Don Armand (Exeter)
Loose Forwards – Brendan O’Connor (Leicester) and Tom Wood (Northampton)
Half Back – Francois Hougaard (Worcester)
Fly Half – AJ MacGinty (Sale)
Centres – Simon Hammersley (Newcastle), Matt Scott (Gloucester)
Outside Backs – Mathew Tait (Leicester), Tim Visser (Harelquins) and Chris Ashton (Saracens)

Locks – Ian Evans (Bristol)
Loose Forwards – Thomas Young (Wasps)
Fly Half – Billy Burns (Gloucester)
Centres – Brad Barritt (Saracens)
Outside Backs – Tom Marshall (Gloucester) and Savenaca Rawaca (Saracens)

Feel free to share your teams as well as what you think of my picks. I’ll be keeping you posted throughout the season.


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